About Sagar

Sagar grew up in Bangkok, Thailand for the first 13 years of his life before departing to California where he continued studies and pursued a double major in Business Entrepreneurship and International Business. He spent the next 8 years in Singapore working in the startup scene while fine tuning his craft on the side. Sagar would hone his craft by performing for corporate events, private dinner parties, and also had the honor to talk and perform at an entrepreneurship presentation at the Singapore Polytechnic.

In 2014, he moved back to Bangkok to open an entertainment company performing close-up magic for adult audiences.

He currently customizes and performs Stage Mentalism and Close-up magic/Illusions for:

– Weddings
– Corporate events such as anniversaries and holiday parties.
– Private dinners at restaurants or at client’s homes.
– Trade shows
– Product launches
– Restaurant Openings
– TV Shows
– Many more!

This pic is lit!
Full Heart!

Magic & Mentalism

Sagar has spent the past 19 years refining his Close-up magic and Stage Mentalism acts.

The Mentalism act often has themes that are akin to mind reading and predictions. These are interactive, fun, and unbelievable! Best suited for large groups of audiences.

The Close-Up act is more intimate with people being able to interact and be part of the magic. Seeing magic up-close and in your hands is a different experience!

Sagar always likes to incorporate stories, anecdotes, and humor to make the show more meaningful, relatable, and entertaining.

His diverse background and global experiences allows for more adequate jokes, quips, and presentation plot points for his varied clientele.

Notable clients include:

KLM Airlines
Tiger Airlines
Kaidee Thailand