Sagar is a fantastic magician who clearly loves his work. The best thing about watching Sagar perform is how he affects the audience around him. It is hugely amusing to watch the nonchalant observer crumble under Sagar’s hypnotic charm and the sceptics who scrutinise his every move yet can’t contain their befuddlement.
Gina Romero

Sagar has impressive slight of hand! I am always amazed at his tricks and totally entertained by his engaging magic. Way to go!
Kay A.

Hands down one of the best close up magicians I have ever seen!! The story telling, the smoothness of the hands and cards. We were just gobsmacked!! 

Jasen W.

I have observed Sagar performing in various occasions, and I am continuously amazed at his capability of hypnotizing a crowd, regardless how large or how diverse. He has a charismatic way of engaging people and making them wish to see more. His calm presence and professionalism allow him to always be on his game.
Catherine Pucher

The guy knows his stuff! Great magic tricks, very entertaining shows, and a good guy for a laugh after the show. Well worth seeing!
Alex B.

This man is one of a kind! Up close and personal, and makes me believe that magic is real! Love the show and interactions with his audience! Can’t wait to see more!

Anika T.

We had Sagar perform at a New Year celebration we had arranged for our project teams and those of our client. In a multi cultural environment where we had many different nationalities, Sagar was highly engaged with the 50 over guests and everyone fully enjoyed his mesmerizing performance. I would definitely hire Sagar again.

Umar Qadri

Sagar has world class skills and an even better stage presence. Incredible, entertaining and mind blowing. A true craftsman.
Ronald M.

I have seen Sagar perform many many times… like 20 times.. and every time including next time I am mesmerized… He keeps coming up with new stuff!!
Robert R.